Waiting for the light – arriving before the sun rises, or waiting for a storm to pass. Those are the rare moments that make wonderful photos


Our love and awareness for golf courses results in some spectacular photos of unique golf holes.

Golf photos that become art and treasured memories of special locations.

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Some spectacular and unique photos of Niagara reflecting all that makes the region wonderful.

Many photos of the area shot from a unique perspective at a special time.

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Photos that reveal the charm and character of our community and showcase its special qualities.

We have photos that reflect the character and charm of the cities we live in.

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Often done on location, we have photographed athletes, executives and corporate leaders.

The quality of a good portrait is as important as wearing the right clothes to an interview.

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Featured works

about me


It all comes together!

Doug Geddie has been taking pictures all his life. From the days of processing Plus-X film and making prints in the darkroom, to digital images printed on aluminum and canvas, he has thrived on the technological change from analog to digital reproduction.

With a life-long passion for golf and photography, Doug started shooting photos of golf course projects he was working on and courses he admired. He has also developed a love for shooting other landscapes. Through it all he has learned the love of light, chasing the fleeting moments after a storm or before a sunrise when the world looks magical.

Doug's photos of Niagara were commissioned for the RCMP headquarters in Niagara and hang at several golf courses.

Different Prints

What separates us is the quality and originality of our prints.

We don't print solely on paper – we print on digital acrylic, aluminum and canvas in addition to archival quality paper stocks. As heretical as that may sound, our prints are distinctive, modern, and refreshingly different because of the media and quality.

Every print is a custom print - to the dimensions and on the media that works best for your chosen location. We're happy to work with you to assist in all the final details of print production.

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